Wednesday, 22 October 2014

4 Reasons To Stand With Jetta

A 10 year-old Ohio girl named Jetta cut and donated 14 inches of her hair to Wigs for Kids, an organization that supports children who have lost their hair due to cancer treatments. A selfless act that should be applauded by adults and peers alike has instead made Jetta the target of bullies at her school.

According to an interview with Dayton, Ohio's WHIO News, classmates have been mocking Jetta for "wanting to be a boy" and having an "ugly" haircut. School administrators are doing nothing to stop it.

Having read articles about Jetta's generosity and bravery, thousands of people around the world are rallying to support her. Here are four reasons you should, too:

1. Bullying is never okay. Especially when it's perpetuated by adults who should know better. Jetta's principal said that Jetta and her mother should "toughen up", however the bullying had gotten so bad, by this point, that Jetta had to be pulled out of school. The family has since received some communication from the school, which was "a small step in the right direction", but it's not enough to undo the damage.

2. Girls have enough body image issues without people in positions of authority allowing bullies to gang up on their classmates. Thank goodness for parents like Jetta's mother, who are loving and supportive enough to counteract the effects of parenting.

3. Selflessness should be celebrated. Jetta came up with the idea to donate her hair, all by herself. Most adults aren't that altruistic.

4. Short hair is in. Rock it, baby! Half the girls in Jetta's class are probably jealous of her fab haircut, but don't have the guts to admit it!

Thursday, 9 October 2014

10 Awesome Things

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Inspired by Love the Here & Now's recent "10 Awesome Things" post, here's our own list of things that made us smile this week (from the exciting to the mundane!).

Lin's Awesome Things

1. Snuggling a migraine away!

2. Fuzzy socks on a cold day.

3. Colbie Callait's new album.

4. Opening up about quitting a job I loved.

5. Getting new magazines in the mail.

Becca's Awesome Things

1. Autumn- inspired DIYs, like these Autumn leaf mason jar candle holders

2. Waking up to my tiny black cat staring at me. SO. Cute.

3. Listening to the Jersey Boys soundtrack on repeat while I work.

4. Tuna with pickles and cheese.

5. Wearing my pun-tastic shirt that says "oh deer" and has a picture of a deer on it :)

What awesome things made your week?

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Saying Goodbye

Today at Lin's Classroom, I wrote about why I quit my job as an ECE, to battle Fibromyalgia and to reinvent myself and my career.

Saying goodbye to being an ECE was something I had been mulling over, as fibromyalgia invaded my world more and more. I had a great run as a teacher, but now it was time to reinvent myself.

Have you ever quit a job you loved?

Thursday, 25 September 2014

We're Still Mad For Plaid!

Last November, we wrote about plaid fashions for your closet and home. This Autumn, we're at it again! Check out the latest, cutest and most affordable items in the season's hottest print. Bonus: You can wear your plaid into winter!

Mad For Plaid: Classy

Channel glam pin-up model Bernie Dexter (pictured) and choose one plaid piece and glam it up with feminine shoes, a structured handbag or a vintage hairdo. Effortlessly classy!
Mad For Plaid: Casual

Kick back and relax in casual, comfy pieces in a fun print. We're especially fond of those plaid pj pants, which go up to a size 4X and will run you just $18. (We've found even cheaper, fleece and cotton versions at Walmart, too!)
Mad For Plaid: Grunge

Whether you're missing the 90s and Nirvana or just want to rock an affordable trend, try grunge. Go all out with an oversized flannel top (à la Kurt Cobain), sneakers or combat boots and thrifted torn jeans. Or pick one piece, like a frayed plaid scarf or big boots covered in Buffalo plaid print.

Which look do you like best? And what print are you most excited about wearing this fall?

Friday, 19 September 2014

Toronto: Free Book Festival This Sunday!

The Word On The Street is an annual literacy festival in Toronto featuring pop-up bookstores, free entertainment for kids, author talks and more. Admission is free!

The festival appeals to a wide variety of people, including:

Bibliophiles. Just being surrounded by books induces bibliophile bliss, but being able to purchase books from local authors with heavy discounts? Bonus!

Families. Is there anything better than entertaining your kid for an entire day, without spending a cent? Visit the Toronto Public Library's tent, where your child can sign up for her very own library card (just bring proof that your family resides in the GTA). Next, learn about great new books for kids at the TD Children's Literature tent, explore the Children's Activity Tent and watch a live show at the TVOKids stage.

English language learners/ English as a second language learners (ELL/ESL): Find books in your native language (especially children's picture books), resources for practicing your English and information for newcomers to Canada.

Educators: If you're a teacher of any kind and are passionate about literacy being accessible for all, you'll enjoy this festival. Literacy Lane will be right up your alley! And be sure to keep an eye out for freebies and discounts exclusively for teachers.
Our favourite part of the festival is the marketplace, dubbed "Canada's biggest outdoor bookstore", where you can buy books, magazines, bookmarks, t-shirts and more. The emphasis on Canadian publications is refreshing. You might even run into a local author or two!

A few extra tips for making the best of WOTS:

-Wear comfy shoes! Although there are some places to sit, you'll want to see everything, so there's a lot of walking!
-Pack a healthy snack. You'll need your sustenance! There are usually a few food trucks around, but nothing beats a cheap and cheerful, made-with-love picnic lunch on a nice day!
-If you plan on shopping, bring cash. There are some great deals that make visiting an ATM totally worthwhile.

The Word On The Street is this Sunday, 21 September 2014 from 11 am to 6 pm, at Queen's Park Circle.

For more information, see the official Word On The Street website.

Full disclosure: We are in no way affiliated with The Word On The Street. We're simply fans of the event and believe supporting literacy and Canadian authors is important!