Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Perfect Pastels You Can Wear Into Spring

It certainly doesn't feel like spring here in Toronto-- in fact, it snowed again last week!-- but that doesn't mean you can't start prepping your wardrobe for the warm weather ahead.

Start mixing some pretty pastel pieces into your go-to cold weather look, and you'll be set for spring! Here's how:

Layer a pastel-hued cardigan over your outfit for a cozy new look. Come spring, you can swap your heavy winter coat for the sweater.

Pastels: Cute Cardis

Cute accessories can spice up even the most basic of outfits.

Pastels: Accessorize

Go all out with a sky blue dress, coral pants or sunshine yellow skirt.

Pastels: Go All Out

What's your favourite way to wear pastels?


Monday, 10 February 2014

Last Minute Valentine's Day Ideas For Single Gals

Valentine's is in just a few days, and although you don't have romantic plans anyway (who needs boys?!), there's no reason you can't celebrate-- even if you're short on time and cash.

Wear some cute lingerie. Make your own heart go pitter-patter!

Pretty up your apartment with a DIY paper Valentine's Day wreath.

For more ideas, check out my Pinterest board, Be Your Own Valentine.

What are you doing for Valentine's Day?

Monday, 27 January 2014

Feeling Burned Out? Why Don't You...

When you're busy all the time, caring for a family, having a social life, working on a business and doing the 9 to 5, it can be hard to remember to take care of yourself. But when you're this busy is exactly when you need it most.

So why don't you...

Take a day off. We know how hard it can be to cancel plans, call in sick and delegate cooking and cleaning to someone else, but just for today, try it. Spend all morning in bed, go to a movie, give your credit card a bit of a workout at that great new sale. Whatever it is, take some time just for you.

Make some tea. It's like a vacation in a cup!

Curl up with a good book. Get away from it all without leaving your couch! We recommend these books.

Go on an adventure. A change of pace can make all the difference! Do something you've never done before (whether it's tame or a little bit crazy). Taste sashimi. Wear thigh high boots. Go skydiving. A little something different can jolt you out of the slump you're in. And who knows? You might discover your new favourite thing!

Subscribe to a new magazine. Lin loves Law of Attraction and Live Happy. Becca's fave magazines are Bust and Shameless. Try reading something different for a little inspiration.

Pay it forward. Buy a stranger a cup of coffee, volunteer at an organization you care about or send fun snail mail or an e-card to a friend who lives far away.

Your turn: How do you cope with emotional exhaustion?

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Monday, 23 December 2013

10 Ways to Celebrate Your Family This Christmas

Sure, Christmas is about drinking Starbucks peppermint mochas, trimming the tree and opening presents. But the most important part of the season is spending time with people you love- chosen family or blood relatives. Cheesy, but true! Here are 10 ways to show your family you care:

1 Take your time and write a thoughtful, heartfelt message in each loved one's card. They will cherish that more than any store-bought gift, no matter how sought-after, sparkly or expensive.
2 Bake some cookies or a casserole and take it to your relatives' house.
3 Sing Christmas carols together.
4 Sit around and look at old family photo albums or watch home movies. Reminisce.
5 Take your guy to the movies and let him choose what you'll see. Don't roll your eyes if it's 90 minutes of ass-kicking, gun-wielding and ridiculous special effects. Even if you really, really want to.
6 Organize a movie night for the guys, complete with beer, snacks and action flicks.
7 For the ladies, a swap party or an at-home spa day.
8 Gather the fam around the TV and watch your favourite Christmas movies. White Christmas and Elf are always popular choices in our family.
9 Regift party. Got a silly white elephant gift at work? Did Secret Santa bring you something you don't like, but your loved ones might? Gather the girls, anything you'd each like to regift, and some light refreshments.
10 After opening presents on Christmas morning, sit in a circle and take turns sharing your favourite shared memories from the past year.

How will you show your family you care, this Christmas?

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

You'll go wild for the Cleveland Zoo!

With a zoo this cool, there's no reason to stay inside-- even if it's cold out! Cleveland Metroparks Zoo is home to 3,000 exotic animals representing 600 species from 6 continents. On our first visit, we were barely able to see half of them!

With so much to see and do, it's lucky the zoo is such an affordable excursion; only $8.25 for adults and $5.25 for kids in the winter (add $4 in the summer). Visiting at this time of year means you save money, you're likely to beat the crowds, and you can catch events like Breakfast with Santa and Noon Year's Eve.

Learn more about the zoo here & check out the snapshots Becca took on our last visit to the Cleveland zoo:

What's your favourite animal?