Friday, 29 March 2013

Comfy, Casual Outfits and Exciting Accessories

Match everyday neutrals with fun accessories, luxe fabric or stand-out shades to take your outfit from work day to night on the town. Here are some ideas:

Sunday, 24 March 2013

How To Choose Your Next Travel Destination

With 7 continents and hundreds of countries to choose from, selecting your next travel destination can be quite challenging. Use the following checklist as an aid when researching your trip.


-Is a Visa required? How much does it cost?
-How much does it cost to get there?
-How much do accommodations cost?
-What is the currency exchange rate?
-How much do things (food, souvenirs, etc) cost there?
-Do I have enough money saved up, 'just in case'?
-How will I pay for this trip?


-How far is it from home? (See next question).
-How will I get there? Home?
-Is it in a reasonably safe area? (Natural disasters? Political climate?)
-What is the climate like?


-Do I need any vaccinations before departing?
-Do I need health insurance?
-Are there any health risks to be mindful of in this area?
-What medication(s) do I need to bring with me?


-What items or knowledge do I need, to stay safe in this region?
-Do I know basic words and phrases in the language?
-Do I have photocopies of my passport and other important documents in my bag and with trusted friends or family?


-When will I go?
-Is this considered high or low season? Does that impact my budget or desired activities?
-Do I have enough vacation days? Or will I be able to work from my destination?
-Are there any special events at this time of year?
-Is this time of year rainy? Monsoon? Hurricane or tornado season?
-How does this time of year impact my wardrobe? Do I need rain gear? Sunscreen?
-Is there anything important I'll be missing at home?

The Fun Stuff

-Does this locale excite me?
-What will I do on my trip?
-Do I have any friends or family in this country/city/region?
-What sights do I want to see? Attractions? Landmarks?
-What activities will I plan?

Happy travels!

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Celebrating Passover AND Easter

He goes to synagogue, she goes to church... now what? Within days of one another, Passover and Easter take place. So how's a girl in a multicultural family to choose which holiday to celebrate?

Why not both?

Mix elements of Easter and Passover for a memorable, fun-filled holiday. Here are some ideas. Pick and choose your favourites!

Go to the Easter Parade. We have one in Toronto. If there isn't a parade near you, watch Judy Garland's film of the same name on DVD.

Have an Easter egg hunt.

Decorate. Incorporate items from both holidays into your decor. Ideas: a spring flower wreath, DIY decorative Easter eggs, a Peeps flower arrangement, a washi tape spring egg wreath, glittered eggs or Haggadahs covered in pretty paper (which can later be used at your seder).

Have a Passover seder

Bake Easter treats, like cupcakes and bunny bait or Passover desserts like chocolate-covered matzah and flourless chocolate cake.

Place Elijah's and Miriam's cups on your table.

Do holiday-themed activities with your kids. Some fun ones: colour Passover colouring sheets,  paint eggs, make your own free printable Build-a-Bear haggadah, play a memory game (print out photos of items on a seder plate, and have kids match two pictures of the same item) or have a game of pin the tail on the bunny.

Have a matzah brei for breakfast. Yum!

Give sticky frog goodie bags and bunny tails to all your friends.

Check out these resources for more ideas:, Becca's spring holiday Pinterest board, Crafts for All Seasons, The Jewniverse and All You.

Have a wonderful holiday!

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Adorable: Josh Hutcherson Went Bowling With His Mom

As a mom and daughter who are really close, we love seeing celebrities and and their families spend time together. The Hunger Games star Josh Hutcherson was seen taking his mom bowling earlier this week. Becca might be the bigger Hunger Games fan of the two of us, but we both think that was pretty sweet.

Who's your favourite celebrity family?

[image source]

Friday, 15 March 2013

Gorgeous Green

Between St Patrick's Day this Sunday, spring beginning this month and Emerald being Pantone's official colour of 2013, few shades are as appealing as green. Inject some into your wardrobe and decor this season. Here's how:

Green Accessories

Green Head To Toe

Green Decor

Monday, 11 March 2013

How To Work With a Family Member

Can a mom and daughter really work together?

Yes! Here's how we do it.

Rebecca says:

-Appreciate and praise your loved one's skills. As my mom says, "be your own mutual admiration society"!

-Complement each other. Perhaps you're a math whiz and she's an excellent writer. Your differences can be your business' strengths.

-Maintain your own interests. Your relationship is important, in both your business and your personal life, but so is your independence. Being apart sometimes will strengthen your sense of self and your relationship.

Lin says:

-Motivate each other. Give and take one another's advice and maintain the feeling of invigoration you've had from the project since day one.

-Bounce ideas off one another. Be honest. Is her idea the best you've ever heard? Is it not quite right for your business? She'll appreciate your candour.

-Note what you each bring to the table. I offer wisdom because I see things from the vantage point of experience, while Rebecca has a fresh perspective, especially in terms of media.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

What To Wear: Skorts

Skorts are practical, functional and they look nice. For teachers, they're a way to wear a cute skirt without sacrificing the ability to move around as though you're wearing shorts. Plus, most skorts are machine-washable, so no worries, if they get dirty. Get down on the floor and play with your class, in style!

I usually wear Danskin or Reitmans. Walmart makes casual, affordable skorts. Here are a bunch of other options (click here to see prices and buying options):


What would you style your skort with?

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Saturday, 9 March 2013

About Us

Hi! We're Lin (right) and Rebecca. A mom and daughter duo from Toronto, ON, Canada, we started this blog to explore all things travel, fashion and family. We're mental health experts who run a childhood anxiety support group, The Selectively Silent Child (which Lin founded in 1999), and we can't wait to extend that expertise and passion to helping women like us live their best lives.

A little about us individually: 

The Teacher

Hello! I'm Lin. I'm a kindergarten teacher (R.E.C.E.) and parenting consultant. I love my job because I get to make a positive change in the lives of my students every day. I also have a passion for reading, travel and style, and look forward to The Teacher and The Traveller being an outlet for these interests, as well as an opportunity to help and connect with women in my city and beyond. I collect trolls and sock monkeys, am a huge fan of Hugh Laurie and think cheese bread is both evil and the best food in the world.

The Traveller

Hi! I'm Rebecca. I am a writer and social media strategist (and pseudo digital nomad). I'm going to visit all 13 Canadian provinces and territories and all 50 American states before my 25th birthday (3 October 2016). I adore all aspects of travel-- the journey, the culture, the accents, the adventure... and of course, the food. I'd love to eat my way around the globe: I have to eat a soft pretzel every time I'm in New York City, mange poutine souvent and can't wait to visit Finland for some pulla and piirakka. In addition to travel, nothing makes me happier than making someone's life beautiful-- whether that's literal, through fashion and beauty, DIY and fab home decor, or on an emotional level, through friendship and helping her embrace radical self love.

Ready to explore? Excellent! A list of popular posts will be up soon, but in the meantime, click here to go back to the home page, or visit us on Twitter.