Thursday, 21 March 2013

Celebrating Passover AND Easter

He goes to synagogue, she goes to church... now what? Within days of one another, Passover and Easter take place. So how's a girl in a multicultural family to choose which holiday to celebrate?

Why not both?

Mix elements of Easter and Passover for a memorable, fun-filled holiday. Here are some ideas. Pick and choose your favourites!

Go to the Easter Parade. We have one in Toronto. If there isn't a parade near you, watch Judy Garland's film of the same name on DVD.

Have an Easter egg hunt.

Decorate. Incorporate items from both holidays into your decor. Ideas: a spring flower wreath, DIY decorative Easter eggs, a Peeps flower arrangement, a washi tape spring egg wreath, glittered eggs or Haggadahs covered in pretty paper (which can later be used at your seder).

Have a Passover seder

Bake Easter treats, like cupcakes and bunny bait or Passover desserts like chocolate-covered matzah and flourless chocolate cake.

Place Elijah's and Miriam's cups on your table.

Do holiday-themed activities with your kids. Some fun ones: colour Passover colouring sheets,  paint eggs, make your own free printable Build-a-Bear haggadah, play a memory game (print out photos of items on a seder plate, and have kids match two pictures of the same item) or have a game of pin the tail on the bunny.

Have a matzah brei for breakfast. Yum!

Give sticky frog goodie bags and bunny tails to all your friends.

Check out these resources for more ideas:, Becca's spring holiday Pinterest board, Crafts for All Seasons, The Jewniverse and All You.

Have a wonderful holiday!

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