Sunday, 24 March 2013

How To Choose Your Next Travel Destination

With 7 continents and hundreds of countries to choose from, selecting your next travel destination can be quite challenging. Use the following checklist as an aid when researching your trip.


-Is a Visa required? How much does it cost?
-How much does it cost to get there?
-How much do accommodations cost?
-What is the currency exchange rate?
-How much do things (food, souvenirs, etc) cost there?
-Do I have enough money saved up, 'just in case'?
-How will I pay for this trip?


-How far is it from home? (See next question).
-How will I get there? Home?
-Is it in a reasonably safe area? (Natural disasters? Political climate?)
-What is the climate like?


-Do I need any vaccinations before departing?
-Do I need health insurance?
-Are there any health risks to be mindful of in this area?
-What medication(s) do I need to bring with me?


-What items or knowledge do I need, to stay safe in this region?
-Do I know basic words and phrases in the language?
-Do I have photocopies of my passport and other important documents in my bag and with trusted friends or family?


-When will I go?
-Is this considered high or low season? Does that impact my budget or desired activities?
-Do I have enough vacation days? Or will I be able to work from my destination?
-Are there any special events at this time of year?
-Is this time of year rainy? Monsoon? Hurricane or tornado season?
-How does this time of year impact my wardrobe? Do I need rain gear? Sunscreen?
-Is there anything important I'll be missing at home?

The Fun Stuff

-Does this locale excite me?
-What will I do on my trip?
-Do I have any friends or family in this country/city/region?
-What sights do I want to see? Attractions? Landmarks?
-What activities will I plan?

Happy travels!

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