Monday, 11 March 2013

How To Work With a Family Member

Can a mom and daughter really work together?

Yes! Here's how we do it.

Rebecca says:

-Appreciate and praise your loved one's skills. As my mom says, "be your own mutual admiration society"!

-Complement each other. Perhaps you're a math whiz and she's an excellent writer. Your differences can be your business' strengths.

-Maintain your own interests. Your relationship is important, in both your business and your personal life, but so is your independence. Being apart sometimes will strengthen your sense of self and your relationship.

Lin says:

-Motivate each other. Give and take one another's advice and maintain the feeling of invigoration you've had from the project since day one.

-Bounce ideas off one another. Be honest. Is her idea the best you've ever heard? Is it not quite right for your business? She'll appreciate your candour.

-Note what you each bring to the table. I offer wisdom because I see things from the vantage point of experience, while Rebecca has a fresh perspective, especially in terms of media.

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