Monday, 1 April 2013

30 Cheap and Cheerful Days of April

One fun and free (or very affordable) idea for each day of April. Enjoy!

1 Have a picnic near the giant Inukshuk in downtown Toronto
2 Ditch your winter outerwear and wear a cute sweater.instead
3 Spend the day at the library
4 Buy some cute, colourful sneakers
5 People-watch at the mall
6 Check out the goings-on at Yonge-Dundas Square
7 Dress your cat up in a funny outfit.
8 Visit a flea market.
9 Pick up a mascara or lip gloss from Essence or another cheap and cheerful drugstore brand.
10 Buy a whimsical umbrella or rain boots that make you want to jump in puddles.
11 Eat a cupcake with extra frosting.
12 Kiss in the rain.
13 Blow bubbles!
14 Watch cat videos on the internet.
15 Get a pedicure.
16 Make a hearty lunch of soup and scones.
17 Watch re-runs of your favourite show.
18 Send snail mail to friends who live near or far.
19 Sign up for a course on
20 Read magazines and drink wine in the bath tub.
21 Volunteer.
22 Go to the dollar store.
23 Watch this video of a baby monkey riding backwards on a pig.
24 Make chocolate-covered strawberries.
25 Compliment a stranger.
26 Experiment with a new hair cut or colour.
27 Light a scented candle.
28 Cook a nice meal for your friends or family.
29 Pay it forward.
30 Jazz up your outfit with a pretty scarf.

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