Friday, 19 April 2013

How To: Set Up Your Home Office

They key to setting up your home office? Make it functional, and add personal touches that make you smile. After all, the more you want to spend time in your office, the more work you'll get done!

Pick furniture that's practical and stylish:
Office Furniture

Comfy chair - Sturdy desk and office chair - Lamps for extra lighting

Office Organization

Shelves for storage - Bulletin board - Book cases - Storage boxes - Cord organizer (not pictured) - Magazine holders - Document sorter

Add your own personal touches:
Office Personal Touches

Wall decals - Fun file folders - Cute push pins - Scented candles - Inspiring art - A desk set - Pretty pens - A bejewelled calculator - Snapshots of your favourite people and places

Extra Tips:

-To make furnishing your office affordable, mix high and low end, try thrift stores, curb sides and flea markets, and don't forget Ikea!
-Test drive your furniture before you buy it. Pretty doesn't necessarily equal practical.
-Invest the bulk of your budget in sturdy and comfortable furniture; you can stretch your dollar when it comes to decorating. Pick up odds and ends at the dollar store (we've gotten cute stationary, trash bins, picture frames and more!), find one of a kind items at Value Village, and try DIY.

For more ideas, check out Becca's Office Inspiration Pinterest board.

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