Sunday, 12 May 2013

Mars On Earth: Visit the Cheltenham Badlands

It's hard to believe somewhere like this exists so close to the city.

Appealing to both kids and adults, a visit to the Cheltenham Badlands is an experience like no other. The Badlands are located in Caledon, Ontario (near Toronto, north of Brampton) and are easily accessible from a parking lot near Olde Baseline Road, off Highway 10.

Because of the Badlands' topography, they have been featured in various films as a substitute for Mars. A TripAdvisor user adequately describes it: "it feels like you're on another planet". There's nowhere else like this in Ontario-- badlands are usually found in Alberta or South Dakota. The area, composed of Queenston shale, is soft and easily eroded, giving the Badlands their signature look.

The Badlands are a beautiful rust red, like a terracotta pot, with faint green streaks, due to iron oxide deposits. A fragile environment, The Bruce Trail Conservancy who manages the area is concerned that the delicate badlands may become damaged. Visit while you can!

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