Tuesday, 16 July 2013

The Sky Is Not The Limit

From the time I was a little girl, I was fascinated by airplanes. My only exposure however, was to the 4-seater kind.

Many years later, my passion was reignited when I went on a trip to Mexico. The sound of the engines, the pilot asking the crew to take their seats, and by far the most exhilerating feeling of the plane speeding up just before it takes to the skies.

Imagine for a moment how thrilling it was for me to discover that there are people like me who enjoy watching planes take off and land! We are known as "plane spotters".

Temperate summer nights, I enjoy settling in at my favourite place to plane spot near Toronto's Pearson International Airport. I find the perfect grassy area, lay my blanket down, beverage and snacks at my side, and look upwards to the sky with my binoculars.

Fortunately, Becca indulges me and accompanies me on my trek in search of the biggest, loudest airplane. "Quick, Becca. I hear it! It's HUGE, and so low!". The satisfying sound of the camera clicking away.

Whenever time and money allow, my preferred mode of travel is by air.

Last year Becca and I had to go to New York. We chose to fly Porter on the way home, but little did I know we wouldn't be on a jumbo jet-- merely a tiny turbo-prop.

"Um, Becca, our plane has propellers". I choked on the words. "Oh my God. Count the seats. Do something!".

"Mommy, calm down. Breathe. Look at me. Breathe".

"Okay. Breathing," I said as I searched for the info sheet in the seat pocket before me. "Seating capacity: 70".

Positive self-talk continued. "Lin, you've been on a 4-seater; this is a jumbo jet comparatively speaking". With this thought, I'm finally calm. Before I know it, we're taking off down the runway and upwards to the sky we go.

Recently, Becca and I were in Cleveland. While there, we had the privilege to visit the International Women's Air and Space Museum-- an empowering experience that every woman or girl should have. [Check out the photos below, and be sure to visit next time you're in Ohio-- admission is free!].

From Amelia Earhart to the daring women who've flown to the moon; brilliant ladies ahead of their time, who knew then what has taken many of us years to appreciate: that we have the power and capability to achieve anything we want. We are merely limited by our dreams. The sky is not the limit anymore.

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