Thursday, 9 October 2014

10 Awesome Things

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Inspired by Love the Here & Now's recent "10 Awesome Things" post, here's our own list of things that made us smile this week (from the exciting to the mundane!).

Lin's Awesome Things

1. Snuggling a migraine away!

2. Fuzzy socks on a cold day.

3. Colbie Callait's new album.

4. Opening up about quitting a job I loved.

5. Getting new magazines in the mail.

Becca's Awesome Things

1. Autumn- inspired DIYs, like these Autumn leaf mason jar candle holders

2. Waking up to my tiny black cat staring at me. SO. Cute.

3. Listening to the Jersey Boys soundtrack on repeat while I work.

4. Tuna with pickles and cheese.

5. Wearing my pun-tastic shirt that says "oh deer" and has a picture of a deer on it :)

What awesome things made your week?

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  1. Don't you just love the little things that make you smile and bring you comfort? Thank you so much for join in gem...hope to see you both next month too! XO