Sunday, 26 April 2015

3 Things You Need To Know About FASD

Last month we attended Jeff Noble's event, FASD 1oh!1: Bringin' It Back To Brain, because we wanted to understand Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and become better allies. Read part one of this two part series here.

The event was inspiring and informative, and even more touching than we'd hoped. Here's what we learned:

1. Learning to cope with FASD can be a long hard road but you can be happy and healthy if you learn techniques for working through any situation your disorder throws at you. One of the speakers, a teenage girl named Amanda, shared strategies she uses daily. Her hope and feisty determination to succeed help her advocate and problem solve for herself.

2. You need a strong support team. Both Amanda and Savanna, (another speaker who lives with FASD, but was not diagnosed until her early 30s) stressed the importance of having people in your corner who will be there whenever you need them and will advocate for you when you can't for yourself.

3. FASD is not their fault. A person with FASD is born with a damaged brain and cannot control how it develops or functions. This is a lifelong permanent brain based disability.As Jeff says in his book, Making Sense of the Madness, "If you go away with one thought from today, these kids aren't bad- they are just misunderstood".

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