Hi! We're Lin (right) and Rebecca. A mom and daughter duo from Toronto, ON, Canada, we started this blog to explore all things travel, fashion and family. We're mental health experts who run a childhood anxiety support group, The Selectively Silent Child, and we can't wait to extend that expertise and passion to helping women like us live their best lives.

A little about us individually: 

The Teacher

Hello! I'm Lin. I'm a kindergarten teacher and parenting consultant. I love my job because I get to make a positive change in the lives of my students every day. I also have a passion for reading, travel and style, and look forward to The Teacher and The Traveller being an outlet for these interests, as well as an opportunity to help and connect with women in my city and beyond. Visit my blog, Lin's Classroom, and follow my personal twitter account.

The Traveller

Hi! I'm Rebecca. I am a writer and social media strategist (and wannabe digital nomad). I'm going to visit all 13 Canadian provinces and territories and all 50 American states before my 30th birthday. I adore all aspects of travel-- the journey, the culture, the accents, the adventure... and of course, the food. I'd love to eat my way around the globe: I have to eat a soft pretzel every time I'm in New York City, mange poutine souvent and can't wait to visit Finland for some pulla and piirakka. In addition to travel, nothing makes me happier than making someone's life beautiful-- whether that's literal, through fashion and beauty, DIY and fab home decor, or on an emotional level, through friendship and helping her embrace radical self love. I also blog at Polish and Sparkle, and you can follow me on Twitter and Pinterest.

Ready to explore? Excellent! A list of popular posts will be up soon, but in the meantime, click here to go back to the home page, or follow us on Pinterest and visit us on Twitter.

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